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    mber 20, since the Olympic and Paralympics marathon runners were and are to pass along the street. Qianmen Street began to develop a

    bout 570 years ago. D▓uring the Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) the street was dot▓

    ted with guild halls built by different

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    localities, to provi▓de housing to citizens intending to take the imperial ex

    ams▓ or do official business with the Imperial Court, just north of the Zhengyangmen Tower. It became even more▓ prosperous during the

    Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) with▓ the development of activities such as lantern

    fairs 鈥?many opera halls, teahouses

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    appeared. Places like the Guanghe Theater and the Quanjude roast duck restaurant ar▓e part of Beijing's h

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    istory .Qianmen Street reached 

    its peak in the 1920s and 30s. The renovation effort was mainly directed to restoring its character of▓

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    any historical ph▓otos survive. At its northern end, dozens of old buildings were recreated, along with m

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▓any old name-brand shops of cultural and historic significance. First to catch the vis

itor's eye ▓is the Dabei Photo Studio (澶у寳鐓х浉棣? on the l▓eft, then comes Yue Sheng Zhai (鏈堣儨鏂?, a Muslim food store on the right. Further south visitors can see the Q▓uanjude, the Roast Duck restaurant

serving the famous Peki▓ng Duck, a must for any tourist.Watch Video

Bird flu claims first victim in almost a yearBird flu claimed its first victim in China in almost a year when a woman infected with the H5N1 strain

died in Beijing on Monday, the local health bureau said yesterday.Huang Yanqing, 19, a native of Fujian province, ▓died around 7:20, the Beijing municipal health bureau

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said in a press release. She fell ill on Dec 24 and was hospitalized three days later.Experts from the Beijing Center for Disease Control and Prevention and ▓the Academy of Military Medical Scie

nces tested Huang's virus samples. The

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